1、Dating platform payment solution:

General members who do not pay are classified as unverified, verified and diamond members. The member who has not been verified is the member who has not been verified by SMS; Member verification means a member whose mobile phone number is verified by SMS; Through the strict verification system of the website, the authenticity of the members of the website and the efficiency of making friends are greatly improved. Ordinary and VIP membership rights?

Ordinary members (after registration) have their own personal zone, publish their own dating information, post in BBS, reply, reply platinum VIP member message right. VIP members (paid members) not only have all the rights of ordinary members, but also have the right to use advanced search, view the detailed contact information of all unverified members, and send messages actively.

2、Statement of payment platform:

a、As a third-party payment, the payment platform guarantees the security of the transaction and the rights and interests of the seller and the buyer in accordance with the transaction contract (product description, content agreed before the transaction).

b、The payment platform has nothing to do with any consequences of non-platform online transactions.