International credit card payment

The continuous development and application of fintech, artificial intelligence and big data mining technologies have promoted the rapid development of international credit/debit card receipt services, covering a wider range of fields and applications In this scenario, CroPay combines overseas advanced business management experience and technology with China's localized service capabilities to form a unique platform operation advantage, which is constantly developing and improving overseas At the same time, it has also established strategic and business partnership with unionpay, aiming to comprehensively build the global credit/debit card receipt service system and technical operation capability, striving to be domestic The cross-border e-commerce model provides international, scientific and standardized credit/debit card payment products and services.

Multi-industry solutions

CroPay constantly pursues the development concept of cross-border integration of new values, and provides services in line with the characteristics of different industries such as cross-border foreign trade, cross-border games, tourism and aviation, and cross-border rich media Trending payment solutions and services to help merchants effectively increase conversion rates.