Consideration on the construction of global localized payment risk control system
Source:Viona Lee Time:2019-06-24 12:16:40 Author:admin

Global localized payments are a high-risk industry, which means that global localized payment companies are bound to be accompanied by various uncertainties. Returns from risk From the perspective of globalization, the value of payment companies lies not in their ability to eliminate uncertainty, but in their ability to have risks Control and manage risks on the basis of deeper understanding, allocate risks to subjects who are willing and able to bear risks, and use them to obtain benefits.The goal of the risk control system is to realize the detection of various business departments, channels, product lines and related personnel, and through the real-time analysis of operational business transactions.In - and - after analysis, tracking and processing methods to achieve fraud risk early warning automation. By examining the trades, you can identify those high-risk trades,As well as early detection of the possibility of fraud, and timely take all kinds of preventive measures, so as to reduce the loss of transactions。